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oh no, Pinterest, what have you done to me?!

I joined Pinterest recently and it has already been responsible for a HUGE amount of skiving.  I apparently need to know, urgently, despite the late hour, how to roll plastic bags so they dispense one by one from a wipes container.  I also need to know, immediately, despite being at work, a million ways to customise t shirts...
Amazing and yet I am now in danger of either being fired or falling asleep in my dinner.
Having said that, it's also been the source of a quick and very satisfying project recently, as a gift for one good friend, using some fab Osbourne & Little fabric given to me a million years ago by another good friend AND being the first time that I have set a zip that I am 100% happy with.
The inspiration came, via Pinterest, from the stylish 'Say Yes to Hoboken' blog and was for a Mini Boxy Make-Up Bag.
Here's their version in lovely stripes with a contrast zip:
On my version, I tinkered with the size, making it much larger at 15" x 11", more of …