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How-Tuesday 18: how to get some sleep

Hi loves

Sorry for the lateness of this post.  Been another busy weekend and no time to pre-write this one.  So here I am with only 30 mins of Tuesday left to go, typing like one of those infinite monkeys on one of their infinite number of typewriters...  Might be Shakespeare, might be sh*te, that's the joy of blog!

But, I'm not going to whinge about my busy life again.  Blah blah, we're all busy, darling!

Instead, what is causing me to lie awake at night recently is ideas for designs.  Now this hasn't happened for YEARS - not since I was learning how to work silver and design jewellery over a decade ago.  Back then, I had a notebook by the bed to get these things down so I could get to sleep.  And the notebook (well, A notebook) has just reappeared and is being filled up slowly with scribbled drawings and text.

These ideas are all around reverse applique designs to embellish existing garments, and mainly around the neckline, mixing woven and jersey (is this even possible?…

How-Tuesday 17: skirtylicious, or how to overcome your fear...


This week I finished an item of clothing for myself!  It's a simple but lovely Amy Butler pattern called Barcelona, which has two a-line skirt options plus something called an 'apron overlay' (which is a bit silly IMHO).  I bought mine from Backstitch but I understand that other online retailers are available...

How-Tuesday 16: how to make your mark

I succumbed last week.  Not only to the evil lurgy, which is even now still with me a bit, hanging about like a bad fridge smell.  But also to the purchase on Amazon of two books which have been in my basket for weeks and weeks.  And weeks.

The first is Veggiestan by Sally Butcher, a wonderful cook book which I know will get used over and over.

The second is Print Workshop by Christine Schmidt, strapline 'hand-printing techniques + truly outstanding projects'.  It does what it says on the tin!

Want to know how to make a repeating graphic pattern using only a string-wrapped block and some fabric paint?  How to cut and wield potato stamps so that the resulting patterns look more Lucienne Day and less 'let loose in a day nursery'? How to make your own silk-screen press from household/high street objects?  How to use ink-jet transfer paper to make quirky and funny cushions? That's a quadruple yes from me!

For someone who enjoys fabric and letterpress as much as I do, t…

How-Tuesday 15: how to take care of yourself

Hi folks

I'm poorly, bleurgh.  I've been bed-bound and browsing for crafty items to nurture me.  If you need some taking care of, you may enjoy:

a hot water bottle cover from a felted charity shop sweater over at Rachael Rabbit or at Made of Cloth

a lovely rice or buckwheat heat pillow with essential oils, that can be frozen or microwaved for therapeutic use, over at Sew Mama Sew

a cozy for my cuppa, at Hazelnut Girl

Sorry for brevity today, am coughing so hard that the laptop keeps slipping...

More soon.

S x