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I am going to make a heretical statement.  I know it's all friends here: you won't report me to the Craftish Inquisition, will you?

How-Tuesday 10: how to make pyjama pants


Hello my old darlings

Last week, me and some chums were discussing the truly MENTAL expense of pyjamas plus the loveliness of material evident in the world that was NOT being used to make them!  Electric pink satin Playboy bunny jamas for a nine-year-old girl, anyone?  For twenty-five whole quid?? No, me neither.

So, this week for How-Tuesday, I thought I'd round up some tutorials for pyjama bottoms for your good selves.  When I get round to making a pair, I'll share this with you.  Hope you'll do the same!

Ethical threads


Browsing the web in my lunch hour, I came across the Offset Warehouse which is an ethical fabric and haberdashery store, as well as a directory and consultancy specialising in sustainable and ethical trade and manufacture.

Keeping this short as I am currently on The Man's time, I found some beautiful things.  Including this:

How-Tuesday 9: how to decide what not to buy

hello loves

Now, anyone who knows me will tell you that I love a bit of shopping. I get all gimlet-eyed and sharp-elbowed at the first whiff of a retail opportunity.  Elevated pulse, dilated pupils, the lot.  So I was REALLY looking forward to a trip to the Stitch & Craft Show 2012 at Olympia.  Shopping AND sewing. Squeak!

'How About Orange' blows my mind again!

Just seen this lovely lovely thing and had to share it with you.  Deep breath.  Look at this amazing modular felt coaster!

How-Tuesday 8: how on earth to fit it all in?!

Hello there

Regular readers will have spotted that there wasn't a How-Tuesday last week.  Sorry chums!  The combination of costumes required for World Book Day and my son's 4th birthday meant that there was just too much work and not enough week!  Here's how it went: