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Oilcloth swim bag tutorial

What-ho, Joy of Sewers! My good friend asked me to make a swimbag for her from a piece of oilcloth she'd bought.  She had a bag that she liked which was the perfect size for three sets of swimmers and towels but which was wearing out, so I measured it up and then thought you might like to follow the process!

Paper snowflakes - and the cr-aftermath!

We decided at Joy of Sew Towers to cut some paper snowflakes to decorate our Christmas table.   We have two layers of glass as a top, you see, and we planned to squish the flakes between the two.  Me, the grown-up girl and the little boy folded, snipped and revealed until we had a table full.  Some are your standard eight-pointers, but there are a few sixers, fourteeners, tenners.  Lovely.  Even the drifts of hundred of tiny paper snips (which are STILL appearing from underneath furniture like sneaky little mice) were worth it!  Merry Chrimbo all!

Roddy & Ginger - local and LOVELY

I was in my local post office the other day and, as I was posting my parcels, saw a stack of post with the most fabulous logo on its address labels.  Mustard yellow, midcentury modern woodcut of owls.  Several of my favourite themes all in one. 

It really stuck in my mind, and I sought them out  on the web just now.  Turns out they are based just off Sydenham Hill here in South London.  Explains why they were using my local post office, I expect!

Anyway, thought I would share their loveliness: Roddy & Ginger


Purple joy, or triumph from disaster

Well, yesterday was a busy day at Joy of Sew Towers! I cleared a space in my messy spare room and fought my way to the sewing table that had become buried under Christmas debris. I was on a mission, a mission to CUSHION!

First, I made a luscious jumbo-cord cushion in deepest imperial purple, re-purposing a long old skirt which had always made me look like some kind of ecclesiastical Dalek. 50cm x 50cm of snuggly gotta-stroke-it purple joy. Delighted! Straight on my Etsy store. Check it out here - let me know what you think!

Then, phase two, deep breath....