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How-Tuesday 7: how to make 5m of bunting in an afternoon

I had a fabulous Sunday afternoon cutting up pieces of cloth from my stash and making them into bunting (see above, mm mmmmm).  Bunting is easy to make and so joyous to see draped about the place; it really embodies the Joy of Sew.  So, let me tell you how we did it, Junior and I:

New in my Etsy store - lovely oilcloth bib

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S x

How-Tuesday 6: how to make the crafty person in your life very happy

Chin-chin, Joy of Sewists!

Just wanted a share a mini how-to with you today, only a tiny weeny one because I really really should be sewing.  I promised my mum some curtains weeks ago and they are not really begun yet.  Or completely not begun yet, beyond buying lovely fabric (from the scrummy Prestigious), some lining fabric from Walthamstow market and printing out a tutorial.  I hang my head in shame.

Junior Joy of Sew totally nails her project

My daughter's school likes to set the kids extended 'voluntary' projects, to be done at home or in special school sessions, over a number of weeks.  All a tad stressful really.  This term's project was on portraits and she was exhibiting no interest whatever.  UNTIL... my good chum Lynley sent me a link showing images of sewn portraits in the form of pillows.  Thanks, you lifesaver.

Bunting bonanza

Hi y'all

Supposed to be up early working.  In fact up early blogging.  Naughty!

How-Tuesday 5: how not to look a fool in John Lewis...

Morning fellow sewists!

This week I have mainly been looking a fool in John Lewis.

Junior Joy of Sew gets in on the act

My nine-year old daughter made this little cushion as a welcome gift for her cousin, who was staying with us this half-term.  She chose the checkered fabric, cut it out, chose the thread, embroidered the letters, pinned it and hand-sewed it all by herself.  I only helped with pressing and with trimming the corners.  She is very proud of it and I am of her.
If you have kids, do they enjoy the same crafts as you? Or perhaps you teach children to sew and knit.  I'd love to hear your stories and see the results of their labours. Any suggestions for good future projects?
S x

The joy of make do and mend

Yesterday evening I spent a very satisfying hour or so catching up on my sewing repair jobs. As the machine is a bit under the weather, I decided to see if there were any hand-sewing jobs to be done. Scarily loads, as usual.  And Spinal Tap was on telly, which I practically know off by heart - a perfect sewing companion!

How-Tuesday 4: baby, it's cold outside!

What ho, Joy of Sewers

Yay, it snowed!  At last!  I've been dying to share these lovely tutorials with you for snuggly warming items and now seems the perfect moment.  The fabric de jour is going to be felt, and my fave felt is made from old pure wool sweaters from charity shops which have been home-felted in the machine.  Though this is not always trouble free as regular readers may know...

First up, no-sew (or very little sew, just some fun embellishment) fab fingerless gloves from this lovely tutorial at The Cottage Home

The Little Sewing Machine That Could

I just wanted, in this pre-Valentine season, to write a little bit about my lovely Janome 7025, which I adore and which is currently the third person in my marriage, according to my husband.  It's the John Lewis special version of the 525s, which has won a Which? Best award, y'know.

I just bleddy love it.  

It's a truly excellent mid-range machine and has been so wonderful to use.  However, currently it's making a horrible grinding noise and, despite my having followed helpful Google instructions about cleaning lint out of feed dogs and oiling bobbin holders, I think it needs to go for a proper service and re-tune.  I am sad.

Have you overcome this problem on this or a similar model?  Any suggestions welcome.

S x