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Mending is the new new.... again

Wow, I haven't been on here in a scarily long time, have I?

It was the blogging part that got squeezed out of my life though, not the sewing - thankfully.  Sewing is a great hobby: a solitary one mostly, but sometimes gregarious, with friends and the amazing online sewing/making community. A nourishing mixture of thrift, expense, creativity and time-wasting.

And it's because of thrift and community that I'm writing this today.  Last Autumn, I hosted a fabulous evening of mending with the help of the great folk at The Library of Things. I'd read about similar events in the UK and the US, often held in cafes or bars, where people brought things to mend or learned how to mend them.  These events were hosted by local community groups and mostly fixed household goods and electronics, but sometimes clothing too.  The events spoke to a need to relearn and share old skills, as well as a desire to connect with others and a reaction against rapid consumerism - and I wanted to be p…