How-Tuesday 17: skirtylicious, or how to overcome your fear...


This week I finished an item of clothing for myself!  It's a simple but lovely Amy Butler pattern called Barcelona, which has two a-line skirt options plus something called an 'apron overlay' (which is a bit silly IMHO).  I bought mine from Backstitch but I understand that other online retailers are available...

I do like Amy Butler style fabrics like in the pattern cover photo, but this time just couldn't pass by my luscious African wax fabric (see here).  At about £3 a metre, with just enough width for this pattern, it was a winner.  I put it through a cool pre-wash to remove the stiffening finish and then it was lovely to work with.

The pattern is a classic a-line: one piece for the front, two for the back with a central back seam, zip and hook & eye, fully lined in white muslin.

Easy-peasy to cut, swift to sew and cut flatteringly to a low waist and reaching to just below the knee (on me - but I am tall, it's probably mid calf on a normal woman!).  Took me under 4 hours from first pin to last press and that was including THE ZIP...

I was scared of this zip.  I mean proper sweaty-palmed about it.  But it was a simple pattern and the very well-written instructions made it so much easier than I had feared, even when dealing with a lining as well.

So, overcoming fear of zips is as simple as READING THE BLIMMIN' INSTRUCTIONS and taking it easy.  Nothing to get panties in a bind about, after all.  Unlike my usual practice, I pinned when it said to pin and basted where it said to baste.  And it worked.

I wore it at the weekend on a rogue sunny day and felt great. Very happy and proud of myself, despite the absolute beginners nature of this pattern! But hey, we've all got to start somewhere, yes?

There are a few more beasts to slay out there.  Chiffon.  Darts and pleats.  In-seam pockets.  But I think it will be okay... <<deep breaths>>

Tell me, what are you scared of in the world of sewing? And, more importantly, do you like my new skirt??

S x


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