I am going to make a heretical statement.  I know it's all friends here: you won't report me to the Craftish Inquisition, will you?

Deep breath...  I don't like crochet.  Not even a little.  There, I said it.

I know I should and, believe me, I've tried.  I like elements of it (vintage, retro, handmade) and I appreciate the skills of talented makers.  It's all over the stylish craft mags and some lovely blogs...

But the end product, to me, just looks like an icky, scratchy, dusty and fingernail-snagging waste of yarn.  Why crochet when knitting is so much more beautiful and versatile?

If you are a crochet afficionado, I am so so sorry, please don't hate me.  I am open to persuasion, if you believe you have lovely items to show me.

What do you think about crochet?  Do you hold any craft-heretical opinions?  Maybe you <gasp> think something is not inherently improved simply by having a little bird silhouette on it?

Nah, that's just madness... ;-)

S x


  1. Frankly, I am shocked. I think I can still talk to you. But only just....

    love from,
    the happy hooker x


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