How-Tuesday 8: how on earth to fit it all in?!

the bunting as party door decoration - like it?
Hello there

Regular readers will have spotted that there wasn't a How-Tuesday last week.  Sorry chums!  The combination of costumes required for World Book Day and my son's 4th birthday meant that there was just too much work and not enough week!  Here's how it went:

Go to work all day.  Pick up kids from nursery and school.  Feed, entertain and clean kids, then put them to bed, feed selves, clear up and get sewing head on.  Decide to make Figgy's Tee for Two jersey dress for Junior JoS to wear to World Book Day on Friday.  She has to dress as her favourite character from a book and has chosen Rose, a magical housemaid from four excellent steam-punkesque novels for children by Holly Webb.  I have some lovely grey jersey bought in Walthamstow (see more here) and the pattern is simple and lovely.  I've measured Junior and so I trace the relevant pieces onto super-huge tissue paper pieces bought especially for the purpose. Wash said grey jersey material and hang out to dry. In bed by 11pm.

Go to work all day, yadda yadda yadda. At about 9.30pm, I iron the jersey and lay it out on the dining table.  I trace the pattern pieces onto the fabric (a front and a back, both cut on the fold, two long sleeves and a neckband).  Really clear instructions, easy to trace and a joy to cut.  Snnnick, snick, snick, I LOVE that sound. Around 10.30pm I think, "It's not THAT late, I could assemble a few of these pieces - and I could make it into my How-Tuesday post"... Famous last thought. 

2am, putting finishing touches to neckband, so tired that I'm not even able to blink both eyes at the same time.  But very pleased, it is a great pattern and it looks lovely. No blog post though.  By that time, it would have made NO SENSE.

6.30am, I (sort of) wake up, then I wake Junior up and she tries on the dress.  It fits and she looks wonderful, the chic-est housemaid ever.

Go to work.  Stumble through the day, need to sleeeep. But instead, that evening I go to a pub quiz with my mates and drink a bottle of wine.  Great evening...

...but bad morning... A day apparently occurs, items of work seem to pass through my inbox, my kids are cuddled, fed, cleaned, read to and despatched to bed.  I fall into bed about 20 minutes after them.

DAY OFF! Emergency last minute apron for housemaid costume sewn.  Puce feather duster located.  Junior demanding to go to school early so she can show off outfit in the playground, which made me happy. Party planning, baking and high-intensity shame-based housework takes place. Lawks, the house was filthy.

PARTY! A lovely, joyous houseful and a very happy boy.

Recovery, a gentle family trip to the Design Museum in the afternoon, finish the clear up. 

Start all over again.

You can see that I clearly do not know how to fit it all in.  I had a really really good try last week but some good stuff, like writing to y'all, got bumped.  This felt wrong, so this week I am TRYING HARDER. Perhaps fitting it all in is just a matter of seeing how you feel about the parts that don't make it?  I'm rarely sad if housework falls off the to-do list for example, but that is because I am a slattern.

What do you miss if it gets left out of your busy week?

S x


  1. I love to hear your news on a Tuesday, Suze. Can't believe what a busy person you really are - model mum, socialista and creator of excellent outfits and parties! Well done. Nxx

    1. N,you are a poppet! Model mum, snort! See you sunday. S x

  2. Photo of the Rose costume please!
    From a fellow Rose fan. R x

    1. your wish is my command! See HERE:

      Although the photo only wants to attach sideways for some reason - sorry!

      S x


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