Pinterest Project 2: reversible bag

My other half watched me making this bag and said, "But you have a bag already. What's this one for?".  Apparently this kind of statement only works for bags and shoes and absolutely never applies to records, books or beer.

I chose this pattern because I knew I had some perfect fabric for it and because it would help me practice my lining skills. Plus it's a really pretty shape and the tutorial was well illustrated and sweet - even though it contains nonchalant yet heart-stopping instructions like 'sew the darts'. I'm not very dart brave yet.
Anyway, I went with it.  I chose a beautiful sky-blue wool, quite thick, and a light cotton in a pretty vintagey print.  Cutting out was easy but reversing it once assembled was tricky.  In fact I ripped the thinner fabric and had to do some nifty overstitching. I also failed to clip the outer corner of the handles and the lining is a little bunched there. I do like the little pockets though.
What do you think?


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