How-Tuesday 6: how to make the crafty person in your life very happy

Chin-chin, Joy of Sewists!

Just wanted a share a mini how-to with you today, only a tiny weeny one because I really really should be sewing.  I promised my mum some curtains weeks ago and they are not really begun yet.  Or completely not begun yet, beyond buying lovely fabric (from the scrummy Prestigious), some lining fabric from Walthamstow market and printing out a tutorial.  I hang my head in shame.

Any-hoo, instead of making curtains yet again this evening I have instead been SHOPPING online at the glorious and joyous Backstitch and have bought lots of lovely patterns - more of which anon.

And I noticed that, as well as funky patterns and some truly outstanding fabric (like the Lotta Jansdotter selection above, and you gotta love Lotta - it's, like, the LAW) they also do gift vouchers.  Which come in handy denominations of £15, £25 and £50. Which yours truly anyone would be delighted to receive for any reason at all, I'm sure.  So, that would be how to pleasantly surprise the stitch-loving person in YOUR life.

Just saying, is all.
Love youse!

S x


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