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Quite a few of the craft sites I'm keeping tabs on are full of Valentines Day craft projects.  Give what you love - and in my humble opinion it's got to be handmade, either by you or by someone whose work you rate.  As well as the trad hearts and flowers stuff, there is some genuinely funky and beautiful stuff to be had, as well as a growing anti-Valentine movement out there (some of which is a little gothy and hate-filled for my liking, but there are some funny things too).

So hunt out or make something for that special someone (or someones...) which will allow you to express your love for them in an original and beautiful way.  It's not all about the money, money, money.

So, I vote for less of this kind of sub-Clintons tut <shudder>: 
Bear heart candy flowers Valentine graphic


and a lot more of this:

Black Heart Anti Valentines Day or Goth Paper Garland 10 feet long
sewn paper garland by Kathleen Bateman on Etsy

Crayon Hearts

Make your own Martha Stewart wax paper hearts

Felt heart brooches or hair clips, make them yourself with felt pieces from the ever-lovely Lupin Handmade

Playing Card Heart Cufflinks made with vintage cards- Mens Fashion Black White and Red Cuff Links- Valentines Day Gift for Him
One for the guys: heart playing card cufflinks

Creepy or cute?  Hmm, jury's out on this one... The site it came from is kind of funky though.

VALENTINE'S Hanging Bird with Red Hearts
Check out Jumping Birds' Etsy store for this sweet little bird - I'm a total sucker for screenprints.

In the US, there seems to be a tradition for parents to provide Valentine's gifts/cards for their kids to swap with their WHOLE class! I know I would have hated this as a kid, other kids being what they sometimes are...  Some people send cards to their children or from their children to their partners/spouses, which is kind of sweet.

What do you think about all this? Do you have a crafty Valentine design you're working on this year? Is your other half the crafty one - what are you hoping for?  Do you have a tradition that you hope your kids will continue?  Do tell Aunty Suze!

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