How-Tuesday 5: how not to look a fool in John Lewis...

Morning fellow sewists!

This week I have mainly been looking a fool in John Lewis.

You remember that I mentioned the trusty sewing machine was making an odd noise? Well, I finally boxed it up and lugged it back to John Lewis on Oxford Street where I bought it last summer - on the TRAIN and the TUBE - to get it checked over. The specialist sewing machine man there set it up for me and listened to the sad grinding noise it was making. He nodded sagely as I described how I had carefully cleaned the lint out of the feed dogs with the hoover and oiled it with a Q-tip. He listened patiently to my worries that it would never work again. He all but patted my hand.

Then he picked up the foot pedal and flicked the tiny rocker switch on the front from low speed back to high speed.

And it worked fine. Low speed = more control but also more noise.

This was on Saturday afternoon and I have only just stopped blushing... But I figured that if only one person learns from this, then my 'ground, swallow me now' moment will have been worth it.  Happy Valentine's Day, folks!

S x

PS on a lighter note, this month's issue of Mollie Makes magazine has a half-price offer for tickets to the Stitch & Craft Show in mid-March. It also has a lovely freebie which I made, see below for a good evening's work.  Mollie Makes is an cute read, with good-looking content on sewing, knitting, crochet, thrifting and vintage, and there are often subscription deals.  All their templates are also available online to download and print, which is a nice touch if you prefer not to hack your mags to bits.


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