Junior Joy of Sew totally nails her project

My daughter's school likes to set the kids extended 'voluntary' projects, to be done at home or in special school sessions, over a number of weeks.  All a tad stressful really.  This term's project was on portraits and she was exhibiting no interest whatever.  UNTIL... my good chum Lynley sent me a link showing images of sewn portraits in the form of pillows.  Thanks, you lifesaver.

Following the success of Junior's pillow last week, she decided to give it a try.  She chose a photo of her brother taken when he was only a few months old and picked one of the many many muslins he uses as a comforter (with his permission obv) to make the fabric of his face.  I think this was my favourite touch.  She sketched, cut, embroidered, coloured in, machine-sewed, stuffed and hand-sewed over the course of a crafty Saturday afternoon. Job done.  Clever girl, gotta love her!

What did you do this weekend?  Did you get your craft on?

S x


  1. Love it - what an original idea. I finally made my living-room curtains yesterday. Looking splendid and, after ten years of no window cover, the room is so much warmer.

    1. Thanks Shirl! And very well done on the curtains. I have curtain-makers block at the moment. S x

  2. What a clever and creative young lady you have there! And clearly with far superior craft skills to me already...! x

  3. Love it! Sew Amy sew!!
    Pippa xxxx


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