Bunting bonanza

Hi y'all

Supposed to be up early working.  In fact up early blogging.  Naughty!

The thing on my mind today is bunting.  The road I live on is planning a street party to mark the Queen's jubilee year.  I've said I'd love to make some bunting to zig-zag across the street.  I'm going to ask all the residents to donate red, white and/or blue fabric and see how much we can make between us all.  Upcycling, communal crafting, decorating the neighbourhood - what's not to love!

I did a wee Google on bunting (instead of finishing a bank proposal...) and found this amazing site, Georgie Love.  AND, she's doing a giveaway to win a load of fab stuff including a gift certificate which would buy me a couple of metres of bunting to get the project started.  Get in!

What would you spend your gift certificate on?

S x


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