How-Tuesday 4: baby, it's cold outside!

What ho, Joy of Sewers

Yay, it snowed!  At last!  I've been dying to share these lovely tutorials with you for snuggly warming items and now seems the perfect moment.  The fabric de jour is going to be felt, and my fave felt is made from old pure wool sweaters from charity shops which have been home-felted in the machine.  Though this is not always trouble free as regular readers may know...

First up, no-sew (or very little sew, just some fun embellishment) fab fingerless gloves from this lovely tutorial at The Cottage Home

Then, just to be different, some handsew only action on this lovely felted flower scarf on this tutorial at Watch Me Daddy

And finally a brill Garbo-esque beret tute from Annakata which could be made in felt, to continue the theme, but could be in any fabric you have knocking around.  There's another idea on her page for a lined version too.

Keep warm out there chums - and stylish too!

S x


  1. Awww, thank you so much for sharing my tutorial ~ I really appreciate it! Thanks for stopping by!!

    Have a great night,


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