Totally loving: Bunny Love

Having been sent a link to this project, I think it's amazing.  Please click over and see the work of Sue Bamford at The Eden Project in Cornwall, which coincidentally is not far from where I grew up. 

In her own words,

"What's it all about? On a very simple level, the Bunny Pile is a collection of 400 small, silly bunnies hand-made from garments gathered from The Eden Project's Lost Property and used uniform store. The hope was to take abandoned fabrics and rework them into something people would want to pick up and cuddle, to make a desirable object from that which was lost and left behind".

I think Sue's attitudes to waste and worth are very interesting and, on a superficial note, the bunnies are very sweet and forlorn too. 

Go and see, download a PDF pattern and make one yourself from here>>> Bunny Love

I'd advise against Googling bunny love, however, unless you have very effective safe search... ;)

Laters, my lovelies!

S x


  1. Thank you for posting about my bunny pile, and very pleased you're enjoying the project - hoping to encourage people's creativity.

    Just a teeny thing - while I do work part-time at the Eden Project, the bunny pile was exhibited there as part of a group show by students of University College Falmouth who had been on a series of expeditions with Cape Farewell, an organisation that promotes a cultural response to climate change by bringing together artists and scientists. What I hope the bunny pile will do is highlight the sheer volume of textiles we consume and discard and how we need to rethink this squandering of resource.

    Many thanks,

    Sue Bamford

    1. Hi Sue

      Thanks for your comment and correction, gratefully received. I think that the work you and your fellow students is amazing and very worthwhile.

      And cute. Any left for adoption?

      S x


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