How Tuesday 14: how to make a robe dress


I've been reading a blog called Ikat Bag for a few months now.  The author is a talented lady, interested as much in sewing as she is in cardboard crafts, which is a new area for me.  She's made some lovely things - go and see the Barbie house she made with and for her girls.  So beautiful.

Today I wanted to share a very useful tutorial of hers which is definitely on my 'to-make' list.  It's Robe Dresses, or the pull-over-the-head towelling robes for putting on damp and wriggly kids after swimming before they run off.

See more here - it's clearly written and well laid out and the end result (see photo below - from her blog NOT made by me, I hasten to add) is stylish and warm.

How much nicer than the expensive shop-bought versions which are often very thin and skimpy, not to mention heavily branded.

Send me a photo or a link if you make one, eh?

S x

(c) Ikat Bag, April 2012


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