How-Tuesday 11 - how to make memories

hello my lovelies

This how-Tuesday is about how I had a sudden and swift connection to myself as a seven-year-old via a box of old craft goodies.

I cleared a box of  my old stuff from my mum's attic months ago and sort of emptied it into my home.  Books and ornaments onto shelves.  Letters (remember them?) into a pretty box file. A little soft woven box onto my sewing table because I'd noticed some patchwork cutting templates in it that looked quite useful.

I opened the box properly quite recently and found a tiny treasure trove than I'd not really looked at for over two decades.  It reminded me so strongly of my childhood self.

I was clearly into sewing even as a girl, which is not something I'd remembered.  I do have memories of knitting with my granny, but the sewing seems to have been a solitary activity and therefore not so clearly ingrained into my memory.  Emptying out the contents, I could see I was already enjoying fabric and colour at that age, which made me smile.

See what I found:


the little orange felt circle is a needle book made by my dad for my granny in the 1950s



Lovely material, non?  All small scraps, sadly, none of them even a fat quarter.  But look at the sweet little 1970s kiddie craft pamphlets!  Aw, bless my little old self...

I've tucked everything safely away and will use the pieces up in mindful ways, as trim or patch pockets perhaps.

I bought some material recently which is so memorably lovely, that I hope it will provoke this joy in me and my kids in years to come:

This is decor-weight and the pattern runs down both selvedged edges to the depth of about 1 ft, against a royal purple background.  That red flower is over a hand-span wide!  I have three whole metres of it. I'm thinking bags, cushions, curtains, table-runners, placemats...

So, how to make memories: choose fabric that makes you smile, make things mindfully for yourself or people you love, involve children as much as you can.

If you have a moment, do share images of fabric that brings you joy, stuff that your kids have made you or that you made as a kid.

Love youse!

S x 


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