African Wax Fabric - made to make your mouth water

What ho, JoS chums!

Well, for ages now I have been browsing that interweb they have now to try and purchase some of this amazing fabric.  "Some African what is that now?", I hear you say...  It's vibrant, stiff cotton used extensively to make West African formal outfits.  Go forth and Google it, I say!

There are lots of outlets online but I couldn't choose and I really wanted to see and handle it before I committed myself.  Some of the patterns are so bright and in yer face, that photos really can't do them justice. I havered and dithered.

Then late last week, as I marched back from work through the cold to collect the Little Boy from nursery, I passed a local dry-cleaners and noticed for the first time in the 3 years of passing it that it SOLD WAX FABRIC!  I'd seen that it seemed to specialise in cleaning the amazing formal clothes made from this stuff - they are hung all over the walls of this tiny store - but never before spotted the small stack of neatly-folded but zingy material.  Dear reader, I bought some.

And here it is the one I chose, complete with very apt branding: Super Nice!

See the yummy sparkly gold bits...

The lady in the shop was very curious as to what I going to do with it.  At only £18 for metres and metres of it, I can do almost anything!  Trim up boring old T-shirts, make shopping bags, clutches and totes, fabric necklaces, a new summer skirt... Ooh, the mind boggles.

She gave me some tips for washing it and I asked her where they bought it from, imagining steamy teaming markets, far far away.  "Brixton", she said. Nearly right then!

What would you like to own made out of this fabric?  Or do you hate it, fearing the effects of its mental 1970s colourways on your Cath Kidston world??  Fess up!

S x


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