Machine-sewn cards

Evening, Joy of Sewers!

I knocked up these A6 machine-sewn cards using some gorgeous mustard-coloured handmade paper, which my lovely mother-in-law gave me for Christmas, and some purple thread.  Super quick to make - so quick, in fact, that I also had time to write in them and have now written and even posted ALL our Christmas thank yous.  This is a personal best (well, at least since the days of childhood when I was forced on pain of death  - or confiscation of Sindy dolls, much worse - to write them all on Boxing Day, usually while 'Genevieve' was on telly, if memory serves). Anyway, I am VERY pleased with myself.

I'm considering refining these a bit and adding them to my Etsy store.  Do you like them?  How much would you pay for a set of 5 with envelopes? 

Ping me a comment, would you, loves? Mwah!

S x


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