Two talented ladies!

Well, I'd like to spread the love today.  A few words about two women of my acquaintance who exhibit admirable craftiness and style: Nikki Simms of Modern Maker and Sara Jackson,  my friend and neighbour, who is not selling her stuff... Yet...  In fact she'll probably come over and beat me up for even MENTIONING it.  Sorry, mate, just had to.

See Nikki's inspirational work on her blog here and you can find her on Facebook here for news of her  occasional and gem-like pop-up shops.

See a gorgeous Chrimbo gift of an apron and matching gift bag (which also contained handmade lavender sachets) from the crafty Sara below:

Thanks, ladies, keep up the good work.

Readers, please share with me any talented folks of your acquaintance by commenting on this post.

S x


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