Best of the craftyweb: January review

Alright, Joy of Sewers?

I subscribe to a few blogs these days, probably to a few more than I should given how busy I am supposed to be, but there are a few which I return to often. A common theme this New Year has, of course, been new starts and fresh thinking. About changing your outlook to make the most of all the time you have at your disposal. About getting your groove back. Here are a few fab bulletins from the craft frontlines on this theme:

First is Scoutie Girl, a huge and influential design blog which seems to me to have an interesting bias towards the power of creativity in general. Its strapline is "Where passionate creatives connect, converse & commune" which says it all.
The friendly guide to re-writing your patterns is an insightful piece on how to recognise patterns within your life which may be holding you back and how to change them. A pile of unfinished projects? A fear of promoting your work or your products? Look closely at why this may be happening and see the patterns, which is the first step to changing them for the better. Another one asks how do you end the year and start another? Yet another is about creating your own courageous roadmap for 2012.

Too woo-woo, spooky-dooky for you??

Well then, try the ever-lovely Pip from Meet me at Mikes, who is planning
A Year of Good Things and sharing them with us. These have so far ranged from making pom-pom garlands for a friend's wedding (and asking her readers to do so too!):

to having a bloody good fry up for breakfast, to throwing a mini-concert for the neighbourhood from their store in Melbourne. She's encouraging all her readers to join in and share their little good things, whether it be for a year, a month or just a day. Simply a joyous daily blog from a woman who seems to have her priorities absolutely right! You go, Pip!

What are your 'end of one year, start of the next' rituals? We all have them, even if they just involve too much fizzy wine, exuberant karaoke on the Wii and squinting at distant firework displays...

Have you made any creative resolutions this year and how are they coming along? Are there any blogs or sites you'd recommend on this theme?

Do share!

S x


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