Happy How-Tuesday: today it's coin purses...

Morning my lovelies

Today I though I'd bring you a lovely tutorial which I found on one of my favourite blogs, How About Orange.

It's for a clever and extremely cute coin purse which is entirely made out of a zip! It requires hand sewing, a long long zip and some mind-bending spatial awareness. This month's edition of Mollie Makes mag has some super-cute ribbon as a freebie, so I may give it a go. If you don't hear from me for a bit, perhaps one of you could pop round and cut me free...

If you fancy trying to make this lovely zippy purse, Jessica Jones (no relation...) of "How about Orange" links to the tutorial here. It's actually on a blog called Craft Passion.

The same blog also contains a how-to for this little macaroon-like gem:

Simply beautiful. Enjoy, peeps - and if you do make either of these, please please send me a photo!

S x


  1. Am loving that coin purse, Suze. I've got a long zip - how long do you need it to be? Might try it out under your expert tutelage on Thursday! Nxx

    1. Hi Nikki - I think I have figured out how to reply to comments and have it alert you. Let me know if you get this. S x

  2. Oh how lovely, just adorable and I am so in to putting zips in things, after so many years of being too scared to try....

  3. N, it's a 20" zip in the tutorial. Let's give it a go and I'm sure your crafty skills will see us through - although I too have a zip-ophobia, Suzie. How did you overcome yours??
    S x

  4. It's been brought to my attention that this post may read as if I have made this purse myself already. I haven't been brave enough yet, given the conjunction of zips and hand-sewing... If I do, you'll be the first to know, dear readers!


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