How-Tuesday 2: wallet totes

Aye-aye shipmates. Yup, it's How-Tuesday - hasn't the week gone fast?

I got given one of this kind of bag for Christmas by a very sweet work colleague and I LOVE it!  Seems like a perfect idea for a tute, I thought to myself.

I had a squizz on the wonderful wide web and found that there are lots of patterns out there.  Seems these bags have been about for years and years, so they must have stood the test of time, eh?

My favourite tutorial is this one for a Wallet-to-Tote by Lorraine who blogs as Ikat Bag.  I found it on the perenially fabric-ilicious smorgasbord of blog, fabric shop and fount of all knowledge that is Sew Mama Sew.

I am scared of making stuff with zips but I will be brave and try this I think. Gulp.

What do you think?

S x


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  2. Hey Suze,

    Zips are quite easy. Give me a shout if you need a guiding hand.


    1. You're the billy best, Shirl! I'm going to take you up on that offer. Must overcome fear...


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